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  1. Loice Alingo

    Hi my name is Loice from Kenya, would like to inquire how much do you sell your hair products@ an wholesale price. And what is the cost for the shipping

    1. Antarnesha Blue

      Hello, yes we do offer wholesale. We will email you with more info shortly. Thank you.

  2. pamela filomena andeme eyegue mangue

    i realy like your hair😍😍😍😍but i want To now the price

    1. Antarnesha Blue

      Thank you! All prices are listed right below each hair.

  3. Arsheia

    Hello is it one peice of hair let pack or do they come 3 per pack? Wasn’t sure how many packs are required for full head of box braids

  4. Tee tee


    When will the lemon lime extension hair be restocked and how long does shipping take?

  5. Mimi

    Hi do u have a human waivy hair and how much for set thank u

  6. Kei’sha Bowens

    For the colorful extensions(braiding hair), how many bundles are in one pack? Just wanted to be sure before I place my order. Lol

    1. Antarnesha Blue

      One pack each

  7. Racheal

    I am interested in wholesale. Do you have a separate link for that? I’m in love with these colors

  8. Cecilia

    Hi, I’m from Argentina and I don’t speak English well. How much is the minimum amount for you to send me kanecalon to Argentina? and in what way can I do it.

  9. Latese Liggins

    Hope my hair gets here in time to use. I cant wait and my braider can’t wait to work with it. Such beautiful braiding hair….

  10. Tennille Shrouder

    Hello I would like to purchase wholesale if possible ?

    1. Antarnesha Blue

      Hello, yes we have awesome wholesale options available.

  11. Gina

    If I wanted a full install of small, knotless, thigh length braids, how many packs would I need ? Thanks

    1. Antarnesha Blue

      Usually 5-7 packs for knotless and 8-10 for traditional knots.

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