Hair Braiding Kit

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A complete kit to help teach/practice braid styles. Kits will include mannequin head, tripod and carrying case, combs, clips,Braid band, detangling brush, hair pomade, hair mousse, blowdryer, shears.


2 reviews for Hair Braiding Kit

  1. Tia Samuels (verified owner)

    The braiding kit is nice!

  2. Tia Samuels (verified owner)

    Hey, so the class was nice! She was a great teacher an was very patient an was able to pin point certain things i was doing wrong an i wish i could of learned at least 3 braiding styles i learned 2. I used the pomade on a client the night before and I can say it does hold NICE… At the end of class i was pleased to understand stitch braid an box braids i just have to keep practicing. Thank you again!

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