Four-piece Skincare set for glowing skin ( Limited Edition )


A limited-edition four-piece skincare set for glowing skin.
Set includes:
Rose cleanser (80ml/2.66fl oz)- hydrating and rejuvenating

Rose Toner (60ml/2fl oz)- hydrating and soothing

Hyaluronic Serum (60ml/2fl oz) – intense hydration and shrinks pores

Vitamin C Serum (30ml/1fl oz) – Brightening and antioxidant



Rose toner-This toner with rose water has a natural formula and it’s made without parabens, dyes, silicones or sulfates.
Try this refreshing facial toner to instantly hydrate and leave your skin soothed and refreshed after just one use.
No rinsing is required after using this gentle face toner with rose water

Hyaluronic serum- Delivers deep moisture to treat skin irritation and dryness.

Vitamin C serum-Reveals clearer, brighter and firmer skin.

Rose cleanser- Gently and deeply cleanses and removes non waterproof makeup leaving skin clean without irritation


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